Top 5 Strengths

My top 5 strengths are:







What Restorative means to me: I am great at problem solving, if there is a situation that need to be fixed and I know I can get it done, I do not wait for someone to appoint me to do it.

What Arranger means to me: I love arranging things so if I know that an activity or a task should be done in order, I am putting it in order.

What Belief means to me: I love belief the most because I am the type of person who will make sacrifices for persons who are important to me. I put my families first in everything I do.

What Achiever means to me: Achieving something is good, I always work hard to achieve what I want because I know what I can benefit out of it.

What Deliberative means to me: I am very observant, I like it observe things first before I move towards it or speak about it.

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