My top 5 values and why they are important to me

My top 5 values are:

Physical Appearance area





Why Physical Appearance is important to me: In a way I some what hate my physical appearance because it draw too much negative attention that I don’t see myself getting into. But one of the facilitator from this program told me that I should love myself no matter what. My physical appearance is what defines me in my job and it is how I present myself to others makes it more positive.

Honor: Where I am from I separate myself from certain levels of people but that doesn’t make me better than them. The job that I do I have to represent my community in a way that my community and myself benefit from it. The residents in my community respects me because I am always getting things done for the community and they love to see when the area is getting good recognition.

Altruism: I love to help in any way I can so that people can be satisfied with the work I have done for them to benefit from. In any situation people always comes to me for help because I am always helpful.

Family: To me, my family comes first and always comes first. The bond that me and my family have is somewhat breakable, base on how we grow up with both parents the bond that we have is always locked and I want to grow my children on the same path.

Loyalty: I am a devoted individual but I think people always want to take disadvantage of my loyalty but I don’t make that stop me from being who I really am.

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